The INFLATOCOOKBOOK was first published in January 1971 by Ant Farm. It was an attempt to gather and share how-to information, comment on skills gained, and offer tips for resources related to producing inflatable architecture. These sheets, were printed in standard-size 11x17 or 8.5x11 inches, and were assembled, loose-leaf, in a vinyl binder by hand in Ant Farm's studio in Sausalito California.

The INFLATOCOOKBOOK was written, designed and assembled by Chip Lord, Curtis Schreier, Andy Shapiro, Hudson Marquez, Doug Hurr, Doug Michels, and with help from Sylvia Dreyfus, Charley Tilford, and Sotiti Kitrilakis.

The version of the INFLATOCOOKBOOK presented here has been slightly edited (omitting some of the last pages that request feedback), but it is otherwise complete and authentic in form and content and authorized by former Ant Farm partners Chip Lord and Curtis Schreier who worked with Joseph del Pesco at KADIST to republish it here.

All color images presented here may be shared, but not re-published for commercial use without written consent from Ant Farm (Lord and Schreier).